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Scan IT 2.0.5

Have you or your clients ever needed to reach someone but you...

Have you or your clients ever needed to reach someone but you can't find their business card? Or you have a business card on your desk but you don't even remember where you got it and what it's about?

Do you find it annoying and time-consuming to add new contacts manually to your database or that your business card scanner software is not compatible with your CRM - system?

The basis for a successful contact management is a constantly updated and maintained database. This of course is not always easy, since the quality of the data depends on the accuracy of each ACT!

user. Especially entering the business card information is a time-consuming process, which many users often delay. Most of the contacts never find their way into ACT!

and disappear on the desktop. Potential customers and with them the sales opportunities get lost there. Scan IT will help you and your sales team quickly update your ACT!

database with new business contacts. Scan IT for ACT! lets you enter business card information directly into ACT! using the CardScan card scanner.

As any successful salesperson knows, entering the information is only half the job. The follow up after you receive a card is just as important.

Scan IT also allows you to manage a follow up for every single contact. Scan IT is the easiest, most accurate way to enter your business cards - feature-rich and fully integrated with your ACT!

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Scan IT


Scan IT 2.0.5

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